Cultural Sensitivities (K)

Cultural Sensitivities (K)


Cultural Sensitivities - A Strict Interpretation of the Law

Kosher laws are quite complicated, and we have designed a tasting pack that will cater for those who strictly follow the rules around Kosher whiskies.


A collection of five whiskies that have not been aged in wine barrels but will still make you feel indulgent. They include:


1x Cameron Brigg Single Grain whisky

1x Milk & Honey Elements Sherry Cask Finished whisky

1x Milk & Honey Elements Red Wine Cask Finished whisky

1x Loch Lomond 18 year old whisky

1x BenRiach Curiositas 10 year old peated whisky


  • Return Policy

    A sample pack may be returned if the packaging has not been opened. Unfortunately, if the sealed box has been opned, we are not able to accept a return due to health requirements.


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