How We Got Here

Welcome to The Whisky Parliament, a place where we explore all things related to whisky. The Parliament was convened in August 2020 when circumstances changed and I decided to develop my love of whisky into a community of like-minded lovers of "Uisge Beatha" (water of life) and so here we are.

Our mission is to help our Constituents explore the very wide world of whisky. From themed tastings to online discussions to whisky related news and fun whisky facts.

It will be a Labor of love and comments won’t always be Conservative. We will aim to be as Green as we can in running the Parliament with a Liberal dose of humour and pun. I will open up my Cabinet of bottles and Minister last rites when one is emptied. I’m not sure if I’m Right in viewing this as a Public Service but I’ll see if there is anyone Left at the end of the day.

There is currently no Constitution but the choice of each Session will be a Democratic affair where Members can Vote on what theme should be held next. You will also be able to Vote on your favourite whiskies during each Sitting.

Follow our adventures via Hansard (our Blog) and if you’ve read up to this point, then I suggest you join the Party to find out when the next Sitting will be, right in your own House. Cheers and have a Dram good time.

The Honourable David Jacobs

Minister of Tastings

Come join the Party!